Been working on a new JavaScript project - a color palette generator! It's an early version with stripped down features, but I'm still working on it. You can check it out here!



My old Signal account got lost. I posted the new, updated account on my contacts page.

I've also been working on a bigger JavaScript project lately. I'm gonna try to post it up to my projects page soon, but it needs a bit of cleanup and styling. If you're interested in checking out what I've done so far, you can see it on my Github.

No journal entry for today, but things have been going pretty well on my end. Slow and steady progress with my coding project. I hope y'all have a lovely day :)



Actively reviving the will to actually program (and stop breaking my fucking operating system 4 times a day while I endlessly tinker). Added a new journal page for now but GOD FUCK hopefully I can actually make some new site content soon. Please be patient, I'm fucked in the head and trying my best :)



Ended up getting sucked back into working on my VPS for a bit. Then I ended up breaking the entrie VPS and having to start it all over again for the 4th time. Finally broke down and started paying for backup services. Then yesterday I was fully convinced I had broken my motherboard. It's been a rough week. Oh, well. Crisis averted and I've posted a few more mobile pages. Only 5 more to go, and I'll put up at least 2 more tomorrow. Maybe then I can finally work on some new content again! (I AM SO TIRED OF MAKING MOBILE PAGES LMAO)



>I haven't posted in 2 weeks now. I started tinkering with virtual machines, which turned into a local virtual machine network, which led me to start building my own Wireguard VPN on a VPS from the ground up. I'm gonna finish some more of the mobile pages tomorrow though. Just wanted to post a small update today. There's a new journal entry in the directory.



I've been working on the mobile site. Added mobile versions of the sitemap and the home page. If you notice anything weird, please let me know. Also added a new entry in my journal. WHOA MAN I'm tired. This is hard work lol.



I did a lot of work on the site today. Made a kickass new manifesto page and updated my writings. Things have been going pretty well again. I feel like I'm making progress with JavaScript and HTML/CSS, and I feel like I got my creative juices flowin' today. I'm ridin' that high a little bit. Anyway, I've got several ideas for more updates, which I'll start on very soon. Hope my visitors are doin' well and stayin' happy. Shit feels good again today.



Today was really fun. Got to see a partial solar eclipse with my family earlier, then we played Cards Against Humanity. I've posted new pages and hope to polish those up soon. Another journal entry probably coming soon. I'm too tired to type it out right now, though.



It really doesn't look like it rn, but I've been putting in some work here. This site has become my passion project lately - it's just so FUN. Every day I pick up a few new things. Then I turn around and the sun has gone down and it's suddenly 2AM, and I've completed MAYBE one page. It is what it is.



I'm VERY new to HTML, but I've been poking around with this stuff in my free time lately. I'm slowly doing an overhaul to the visuals on each page, starting with this one. I've added a visitor counter and link to my newly made guestbook. I plan on adding a changelog soon. I'm also trying to make an 'about me' page, among other things. Please bear with me while I figure all of this out. Thanks again for visiting!



Welcome to my page! I love the community at Neocities, so I decided to join. Math and science have always interested me, but I never took the plunge into computer science. Lately, I've been teaching myself Python, HTML, and CSS. Accordingly, updates to this site very well may not work correctly or at all. If you have any feedback, please feel free to reach out to me (my contact info is on the bottom of the page).

I'm also a bassist and (new) singer, and plan to put my first album together in the next 12 months. I'll be sharing updates as they happen, along with links to demos and finished pieces as they become available.

I also have a deep interest in tools that help users maintain their privacy, anonymity, and security. I'll be talking about that a lot in future updates and will have a whole branch of my site dedicated to these topics. I'd like to get into the cybersecurity field one day, but for now I'm just learning the basics. Keep that in mind when I talk about that stuff later on.

Thanks for reading and checking out my site.



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