About Me
Cranky Kong sitting relaxed in a rocking chair with his cane. He is looking at the viewer.

I'm a fem-leaning enby in her 30's still trying to figure herself out. I love to play music, I'm very interested in technology, I'm a privacy advocate, and I like general debauchery. I'm learning HTML and CSS, and want to move into learning Javascript soon, probably followed by Python. Web dev is a fun hobby I'm just now learning. In fact, it's quickly becoming one of my favorite creative activities. I want to go back to school and get eventually get into cryptography or become a pen tester. On that note, I'm a giant math geek. I literally used to sit at home during high school and do calculus for fun. Why? I don't fuckin' know. Some call me odd (they're probably right, just ask my boyfriend lmao).

I identify as a skeleton (YOU CAN'T HIDE WHAT'S INSIDE). The first thing I remember watching when I was growing up was Beavis and Butthead, followed by Ren and Stimpy. If I weren't a little bit fucked in the head, it would be surprising. Speaking of media, I absolutely adore Homestar Runner, particularly the very cool and dashing character Strong Bad.

That's enough for now. For more info about me and the things I like, I've put some pages in the navbar on the left. Check them out at your leisure. Thanks again for visiting!

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