I've been off here for about 2 weeks. Sorry, everyone! I got very caught up in a personal project. I've been building and configuring various Linux server types (Apache2, MySQL, logging/monitoring servers, and recently built my own Wireguard VPN from the ground up on a VPS). It's been a lot of work, because I have no backend experience and limited experience working in terminal. But I've almost completed what I set out to do, and honestly I put a temporary stop on that project. It was fun and exciting, but it started to consume my life to an unhealthy degree so I've elected to exercise moderation here and get back to some more creative projects like this site, and continuing my JavaScript lessons.

I don't really have any site updates for today, but I plan to finish some more mobile pages tomorrow and have them live by end-of-day. I'll probably be posting a more comprehensive journal entry tomorrow as well. Bye for now, and see ya soon :3



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