Ugh...I'm growing tired of the server project. I know I said I'd step away a little bit before. Well, that didn't happen. It's been a ton of fun, until suddenly it wasn't. I'm gonna finish it but I've had enough for the time being. That said, I've learned a lot about setting up and working in a headless server, as well as configuring SSH and Wireguard server functionality. But again. Enough for now

OH YEAH yesterday was cool. I thought my motherboard was a goner. I was trying to make some changes in my UEFI setings, but I was very tired at the time. That's a really bad combination. Long story short, I wanted to enable secure boot. I needed to disable CSM. It even gave me a warning message when I tried to save my settings, but my half-awake ass just clicked on through.

I booted up again, and OH SHIT my monitors weren't working. Turns out my GPU was no longer able to communicate with them, so I had absolutely no way to see what the fuck my computer was doing. So I couldn't reset UEFI to defaults. I tried removing the CMOS battery and draining the residual electricity, but no dice. Then I tried shorting the CLR_CMOS pins with the battery removed again. No dice. Thankfully Q-Flash got things working again. But DAMN I spent so much of yesterday in a constant state of panic that I still feel emotionally drained today

Other than that, things have been up and down. I've been getting along better and better with my family, which is awesome. I'm starting to feel like I'm spending TOO much of my energy on my computer adventures in the sense that I haven't been giving my boyfriend enough of my attention lately. I've noticed myself getting snippy when I'm busy with my projects and I'm interrupted. It isn't an excuse, but it's just been a difficult balance to find. I've spent all of my life that I can remember just coasting by and getting nothing done. Now that I've gotten into a rhythm and I'm not just procrastinating forever, I think I'm afraid of losing my grasp on progress and slipping back into old habits. And I know that a part of me feels intensely driven to make up for lost time, but I think that's futile to attempt.

I've been starting to lose my sense of balance again. Too much of one thing, not enough of the others. I can't let myself drift away from any of the people I love, so I'll just need to take a step back and adjust my direction a little. Nothing terribly hard to do as long as I focus on it for awhile.

Back to more mundane news, I've posted up a few more mobile pages and there are currently only 5 more to finish (js-project1, music, manifesto (v1), diceroller, and my links page). I want it to get done so people that only have mobile access can actually see my site. But damn it's been boring. I struggle to style smaller viewport sizes in an interesting way, so they all feel same-ish. Maybe it's something I can work on at a later time. But for now I just want them to be "good enough" so I can focus on creating new content here. I've got a lot of ideas, and a lot of pages I haven't even finished yet. So thankfully I'm approaching the finish line! Thanks for reading this far. I appreciate any and all of you that come to my page and keep up with my ramblings lol. Anyway, I'll be putting up the rest of mobile by this time next week at the latest.


- 05/23/2024

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