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JS Intro Exercises

Posted 04/15/2024

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When I first started learning JavaScript around the beginning of this month, I made these simple mathematical tools to practice. They were helpful in cementing the basic syntax in my mind, and gave me a rudimentary grasp of how to go about planning and writing code.

JS Dice Roller

Posted 04/15/2024

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I'd call this my first "real" JavaScript project. This program will allow you to roll any number of dice with any number of sides. The roller will display the total sum of all the dice as well as the individual die rolls. You can add a modifier to the result, as well as define a multiplier for the end result (the multiplier is executed before the add/subtract modifier). I also added buttons to reset the input fields and the fields where the results are displayed. As a final touch, the program includes input validation to make sure a valid positive integer is used for all fields.

I spent several days on this in order to get it working, and I feel like I learned a lot in the process of writing this. I feel like this was my first real trial by fire. I had many hours of staring at my screen just pondering how to acheive what I wanted. The feeling of finally getting this working was absolutely euphoric!

I have other ideas for this project that I haven't implemented yet, but I'll definitely apply them at a later time. I won't be replacing the original webpage and JS code, but I will add an edit to the bottom of this entry whenever I complete these changes.

Color Palette Generator (build 0.1.0)

Posted 07/08/2024

Last updated 07/10/2024

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My boyfriend told me that it would be super cool to have another option for a color palette generator, so here's my take on one! It's fairly simple for now, but it's taken me a ton of work to get it this far. As of now, it generates a single random color or a number of palettes - complementary, split complementary, analogous, diadic, triadic, tetradic, and hexadic. The number of colors you can generate for each given palette type is a bit limited for now, but that's one of the first things I plan on fixing.

Currently I have checkbox options to limit the amount of grey, very dark, and very light outputs. Colors will come out in hsl format. I'll be adding hexcode and rgb conversion functionality at some point soon. I also have a few other palette types I want to add, among other features. Please let me know if you run into bugs! And if you find this program useful, think it could use improvements, or even if you just flat out hate it, I'd love to hear about it! You can follow my work on this project at my Github.

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